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Transform conversations into conversions

Enhance the entire customer journey with messaging channels. Your customer service teams will not only be able to answer queries more efficiently, but also identify sales opportunities, creating a new revenue stream for your business.

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boost sales opportunities

From service to sales.

Messaging channels are proven tools for customer service – but that’s just the beginning. They can also be used over the whole customer journey, enabling business to leverage the power of these channels for customer engagement, boosting the overall experience and leading to opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.

From challenge to opportunity

Reaching customers in a post-pandemic word

The pandemic presented many challenges to modern businesses – as well as a few new opportunities. One of these has been the huge growth in acceptance of using messaging as a form of business communication. Research shows that people are spending 20% more time on messaging apps than before the pandemic. This provides businesses with the opportunity to implement messaging channels in various points of the customer journey.

Enhance every step of the customer journey

Discovery phase
Purchase phase
Post-purchase phase
Discovery phase

Discovery phase

Enable consumers to make general product inquiries, or ask about a product or service.

Purchase phase

Purchase phase

Enable consumers to make a purchase, or schedule an appointment.

Post-purchase phase

Post-purchase phase

Enable consumers to get product support, or comment about a product.

WOW in every stage

Richer engagement

Communicating with customers via messaging provides far more options than traditional channels. From simply adding action-buttons through WhatsApp Business, to product carousels that showcase the newest array of products. You can now provide customers with more relevant and  persuasive communications, for every stage of the customer journey.

A Multichannel inbox

Manage all messaging channels in a single inbox. From WhatsApp Business, to Facebook Messenger, to Livechat, and even e-mail.

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From cost- to profit center

A department that delivers

The customer service department has traditionally been seen as a cost center – but it can now be transformed into a profit center. Not only does this provide another valuable revenue-stream, but it empowers employees, allowing them to directly contribute to the bottom line.

Increase satisfaction and add value

Drive key KPIs with messaging channels

Messaging is an excellent tool for ensuring customer satisfaction, but it can be used to measure a range of metrics. From providing a truly ‘guided shopping experience’ to increasing average order values, increasing revenue-per-chat and increasing conversion rates.

Get a closer look inside the Multichannel inbox

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