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The customer communication platform that delivers

Put all your customer conversations in one place, identify bottlenecks - and remove them with our tools and solutions.

Omnichannel team inbox
Answer incoming questions with ease

One inbox for all your channels

The Saysimple inbox lets you manage messages from WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Webchat and email all in one place. Give your customers the answers they’re looking for on the channels they’re comfortable with.

Team chat
Lower your resolution times

Team chat

Lower your resolution times and increase collaboration between team members with Team chat. Team chat enables you to request help from your colleagues on difficult questions, without you having to leave the conversation with your customer. No more chasing around colleagues to find the answers you need to solve a question.

More performance. More productivity.

Meaningful analytics and deeper insights

Easily see how your team is performing, which channels are running smoothly – and where there’s still room for improvement. KPIs like First Response Time and Resolve Time Per Agent are at your fingertips.

Saysimple Connect

Smart integrations make better connections

Join forces with Saysimple Connect. With this marketplace you can securely integrate your software package with our customer contact software. Take your existing work processes with you to the Saysimple Customer Contact Platform, safely and securely.

Complete control over your customer contact

A platform that actively helps you manage your customers - and your team.

  • Avoid annoying disruptions

    As a SaaS solution, Saysimple updates automatically to the latest version.

  • Easily connect your own software

    Adding Saysimple to your current software stack is a piece of cake.

  • Security is our priority

    We use Single Sign-On (SSO) and IP whitelisting to create the safest environment possible.

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