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Your very own cockpit.

SaySimple connects social messaging channels to offer customers a seamless, intelligent and hyper-personalized experience. Our all-in-one platform contains three advanced modules for conversational excellence.

Synced, sealed, delivered.

Our multi-channel platform consists of three advanced modules that fit like a glove:

Social Messaging Module

For Customer Service and Customer Engagement

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Messaging Intelligence Module

A bird’s eye-view all on customer service efforts.

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Messaging Engage Module (Beta)

All customer conversations within hand’s reach.

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SaySimple Connect,
an extensive eco-system

In addition to these modules, we offer an extensive ecosystem of integrations. Other engagement and back-end systems (such as Salesforce, Zendesk and TOPdesk) can be connected in this API infrastructure. All compliant with GDPR regulation.

Test drive our Social Messaging Dashboard to see all features in action.

Reduce cost, increase profit and please customers.

Our platform opens a world of opportunities.

Reduce cost of ownership

  • Accelerate first-time fix rate
  • Eliminate repeat traffic and unnecessary transfers
  • Obtain social messaging scalability and technology

Improve return on investment

  • Improve return on investment
  • Provide tailor-made offers to customers
  • Turn customer questions into sales opportunities

Boost customer satisfaction

  • Gain customer insights to improve engagement
  • Increase customer loyalty with hyper-personalization
  • Add continuity to customer conversations

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