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We design and develop the Saysimple platform for you. Because of that, you will be able to use it in such a way that it matches your vision on customer contact. Whether you’re after more control over conversations, efficiency and insights, or to expand your reach. We have a module for that!

  • For agents

    Multichannel team inbox

    SaySimple Platform
    For agents

    Multichannel team inbox

    • One inbox for al conversations on all channels
    • Smart Routing and conversation management
    • Chatbots and AI
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  • For team leads

    Advanced insights

    For team leads

    Advanced insights

    • Real time insights in KPIs
    • Agent performance tracking
    • CSAT and NPS analysis
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Specialist in your vertical

We develop our platform dedicated to customer facing brands in automotive, wholesale, travel, ecommerce and HR.

  • Connecting with industry standard tools and software
  • Specific features that make a difference in daily use
  • A team of profeccionals that know your area and market
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Bots, ai, automation

We love to use automation to make your life easier. For instance, to make sure a conversation is picked up by the best agent for the job. Saves you time! AI and data analysis is used to provide you with useful insights in the content and sentiment of conversations.

Saysimple Connect

Plug into the tools you already use

Saysimple integrates with many of the frequently used software, such as Salesforce, TOPdesk, NEC / BCT. Pick your channels, connect your software with data from your systems to have a better conversation.

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Saysimple platform
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