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Facebook Messenger for Businesses

Facebook Messenger is a channel which offers countless possibilities. The business use of Facebook Messenger as a service channel is ideal for handling incoming customer service issues, implementing chatbots, lead generation and customer engagement.

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Use cases:

Facebook Messenger can be used for the following use cases:

Customer Service

  • Handling incoming customer service issues and improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce TCO and let your FB Messenger bot handle 80% of the simple conversations
  • Facebook Messenger provides asynchronous customer conversations and a 360 ° customer profile.


  • Initiate conversations using ‘Message Us’ advertisements.
  • Send image, quick replies and buttons in the welcome message to stimulate interaction.
  • Let your Messenger chatbot generate, qualify and process leads.


  • Reach your target audience with valuable content
  • Send different types of broadcast messages via FB Messenger.
  • Improve your click and open ratio and stimulate engagement within your target group.

Re-Market Cart Abondonment

Don’t let potential customers become unreachable. Use the SaySimple Automation Platform and use FB Messenger to remind customers of items they have forgotten to buy and make the deal even more attractive with last-minute discount coupons and offers.

Send Coupon Codes

Send customers discount coupons and special offers to bring them back to your online store. With 80% open rates and 20% CTR, no channel performs better.

Generate sales

Lead your customer through the Customer Journey of the buyer – from first touch to the payment of his order and all this within a Messenger Conversation. Automatically adjust the displayed products to maximize the sales potential.

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