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Customer Success at Saysimple

Achieving goals starts with setting them. That’s why we match you with our Customer Success Manager as soon as you become a Saysimple client. Your Customer Success Manager will help you set goals for your organization and/or Support department, and help you every step of the way to ensure that you reach those goals! Sharing knowledge and experience is central to our approach.

The Customer Success lifecycle

What can you expect from us?

We’re really happy to be working with a provider who proactively collaborates with us. We’ve been working together for five years and it’s been great! Daring, testing and exploring together – Saysimple’s methods fit nicely with our own. They just really understand what our customers want!

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Elodie Janse

Customer Experience Manager bij Omoda

Meet the team

Your CSM will support you throughout the whole process: onboarding, training, implementation, evaluation, and innovation. They are also available to answer questions and help find solutions to any challenges you might face. Your success is our success.

Jasper Oudhuis

Customer Success Manager

+31 (0) 23 554 67 66

Madelon van Gurp

Head of Customer Success

+31 (0) 23 554 67 66

Get to know Customer Success


What is Customer Success?

Customer Success is the department that ensures the optimal implementation of Saysimple products and services for our clients. This long-term relationship focuses on creating satisfied clients and success with messaging. A Customer Success Manager nurtures and supports their clients by solving challenges that arise and helping to achieve goals set in the onboarding process.

Why is Customer Success important?

We understand that our clients are busy and can’t be focused on messaging and customer service 24/7. Our Customer Success Managers act as pseudo-colleagues, an extension of your organisation, concerned only with the success and performance of your messaging channels. They are experts who are there the whole way and will give you proactive advice. Scheduled evaluations with your Customer Success Manager guarantee that you don’t lose sight of your goals!

What is the difference between Customer Success, Support, and Sales?

A Customer Success department is responsible for everything that comes after the Sales process. They focus on personal relationships and organization-specific goals. After a successful sale, the account manager puts our clients in touch with their new contact, Eline or Myrthe, our Customer Success Managers. As our clients go through the Customer Success process, our Support team is available for resolving support tickets, bugs, and other (technical) issues.

When does a Customer Success Manager join my team?

As soon as you become a Saysimple client, we will match you with a Customer Success Manager. Eline or Myrthe will be your guide and guide you through onboarding, implementation, evaluation, and innovation in the messaging sphere. As long as you’re a Saysimple client, you will have a Customer Success Manager to help solve challenges and achieve your goals!