WhatsApp for Business

For medium and large businesses, the WhatsApp Business API powers organizations to communicate with customers in a simple, secure, and reliable way. Interested to see how it works? Schedule a free demo down below.

WhatsApp Business Team inbox

By successfully connecting WhatsApp Business with Saysimple, your support team will be able to:

  • Unify conversations: Manage conversations efficiently by getting them in a single dashboard.
  • Create teams and work simultaneously with all your colleagues on incoming conversations
  • Route conversations to teams or locations based on specific criteria
  • Proactively send relevant and timely WhatsApp messages to customers at scale
  • Deflect incoming phone calls to an alternative channel, like WhatsApp

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Modernize your CX with WhatsApp for Business

Facilitate seamless customer experiences between your brand and your customers with WhatsApp Business.

Eliminate waiting lines

Fast & immediate support at scale

Introducing WhatsApp as a customer support channel gives customers a fast and convenient way to communicate with your business. Let customers start a conversation directly from your website and work simultaneously with your colleagues on incoming conversations.

WhatsApp template for ecommerce post-purchase notifications
Leverage WhatsApp templates

Engage your customers throughout their journey

Stay engaged throughout the entire customer journey using WhatsApp templates. Automate your service process: from order confirmations and appointment reminders to shipping updates and feedback surveys.

Why Saysimple?

Saysimple is revolutionizing the way companies interact with their customers. Our Customer Communications platform provides customer contact and marketing professionals with the technology they need to manage inbound- and outbound customer conversations.

  • Shared team inbox

    Work simultaneously with all your colleagues on incoming conversations via WhatsApp, Livechat, e-mail, and more.

  • Apps & Integrations

    We connect with third party software, like CRM, planning tools, payment providers, survey tooling and chatbots.

  • GDPR proof

    GDPR compliant

    All personal data stored is encrypted. Connections to and from our platform are secured and adhere to strict privacy regulations.

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