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Putting Omoda in their customer's shoes.


Omoda is a high-end shoe retailer, with over 20 locations in the Benelux, and an online presence in most of Europe. Their deep-rooted passion for shoes points back to a rich family history. The company sells trendy designer shoes for the fashion-conscious man and woman.

Omoda carries over 200 different brands in their ever-expanding collection. They believe both customer experience and service are of great importance to their brand. With that starting point in mind, they began exploring tools and ideas to exceed the customer’s expectation.

Competition is fierce in the world of e-commerce, so social messaging can offer a head start in terms of trust, speed, and customer satisfaction. Omoda’s client panel points towards mobile being at the heart of consumer devices, so it was a logical step to embrace social messaging.

  • 20 stores

  • 200 different brands

How does Omoda use WhatsApp?

Buying shoes is one thing, incorporating them in fabulous looks is another. Omoda offers styling sessions through WhatsApp, to make sure you can get the most out of your new shoes. The company wants to go above and beyond to uplift customer satisfaction. Besides personal shopper session, WhatsApp is used for questions related to orders, deliveries, returns and Omoda accounts.

Omoda is a high-end shoe retailer and eCommerce player, with over 20 locations in the Benelux.

Facts and figures

20 stores

200 different brands

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