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Improve your customer communication with WhatsApp Business

Get in touch with your customers via the world’s most popular messaging app. Connect your business to the WhatsApp Business API and build long-term relationships.

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A world of possibilities with WhatsApp Business

Assist multiple users at once by integrating WhatsApp Business into a single, central, multi-channel inbox.

  • Bring your own whatsapp landline number

    Keep your own number

    Upgrade your current WhatsApp number or your fixed company number. Eliminate disruption by using the number your customers already have in their address book.

  • Automate workflows with AI

    Automate workflows

    Help customers find answers quicker by automatically directing different inquiries to the right agents with your multi-channel inbox.

  • Customised whatsapp templates

    WhatsApp Notifications

    Stay one-step-ahead with WhatsApp Business Templates. Share service messages regarding deliveries, appointments, orders, product updates and more.

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Work together in one interface

Saysimple lets you manage all customer contact via WhatsApp from one interface for multiple users. Allocate questions to the right agents, divide the workload for operational efficiency.

Whatsapp Business template

Be proactive with Whatsapp Business templates

Get ahead of the game with templates that provide customers with the info they need. Send reminders, updates and other notifications automatically from the Multichannel Inbox.

WhatsApp call deflection

Convert phone calls into WhatsApp Messages

Use automated IVR to offer callers the menu option to skip the queue and ask the question via WhatsApp. This reduces waiting time, relieves pressure on your agents and lets you answer more questions in less time.

Set up your WhatsApp Business
account in 3 short steps

Onboarding and implementation the easy way.

  • Request a WhatsApp Business account

    One of our consultants will walk you through the verification process.

  • Integration with Saysimple

    Next, we connect your WhatsApp Business account to your Saysimple platform.

  • Kick-off

    You’re ready to go. We’ll provide you with a quick training session and everything you’ll need.

Questions about WhatsApp Business

Is your question not among them? Then feel free to get in touch.

How to start with WhatsApp Business

First you need to decide whether the WhatsApp Business App or the WhatsApp Business API fits your business best. Where the app is built for small teams (one or two users) the API is built for larger teams and unlocks features for automation and integration.

Can I use my old WhatsApp number?

Yes! You can bring your own number. This can be a landline or mobile number.

If you want to keep using your own number for private use, you’ll need to appoint a different number for your WhatsApp Business company account.

What’s the difference between the WhatsApp Business App and the API?

The WhatsApp Business app offers the basics. You can converse with customers, create a business profile and a product catalog, use quick replies and send bulk messages in a limited way.

The API offers more advanced features. The API is software that allows two applications to communicate with each other via a customer engagement platform like Saysimple. Via the platform, you consolidate all WhatsApp Business conversations in one view. Teams work together on answering messages, sending notifications, using automation such as quick- and auto-replies, sending bulk messages, and looking into insights on team performance.

Important to note: the app can only be used by four people at a time, whereas your entire team can use the API at the same time.

What are WhatsApp Business Template Messages?

WhatsApp Business is a great tool to proactively communicate with customers. You can send customers a message individually, or send customer lists a message via WhatsApp Broadcasting.

Very important to note is that: there is a 24-hour rule for WhatsApp Business. When a customer initiates a conversation on WhatsApp, the company has 24 hours to reply. Messages that are sent within this time are called session messages and are free.

But after 24 hours, your team needs to send a template message that the customers can respond to. After the response, a new 24-hour period begins again, without templated messages.

WhatsApp template messages, are templates that you can send to customers outside of the 24-hour window. And these templates have to be approved by WhatsApp in order to maintain quality content on the platform.

Discover how to manage WhatsApp Business in Saysimple

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