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WhatsApp Business knowledge base

Our WhatsApp Business knowledge base is the place for all information about this messaging channel. On this page we explain how you can manage WhatsApp conversations with multiple users and talk about WhatsApp templates, obtaining an active opt-in and WhatsApp Call Deflection. Read on for all the ins & outs of WhatsApp Business.

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What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business. The free chat app for companies to communicate with always-on customers – easier than ever before. Talk to each other, share information about products or services, let chatbots respond automatically and help customers out during the purchase process. As a result? Excellent service and a loyal customer relationship.

The WhatsApp Business application has many advantages for small businesses. However, using the business app has a number of drawbacks that the API does not have:

  • You can only log in on one device
  • You can only log in with one user

Basic functionalities of
WhatsApp Business

  • Company Profile

    Create a business profile where customers can quickly find important information such as address, website and email address.

  • Statistics

    View how many messages have been sent, delivered and read successfully. Figures to learn from.

  • Labels

    With WhatsApp Business you gain more insight by cleverly sorting conversations with labels, such as' New customers' or 'Unfinished orders.

WhatsApp Business API

What is the WhatsApp Business API?

Do you want to use WhatsApp scalably? That is quickly arranged. Thanks to the WhatsApp Business API. You can easily integrate the channel into your current software or use our multichannel team inbox. This way you get everything out of this messaging channel in a GDPR compliant way. Know that we have built up years of experience with WhatsApp for Business and are here to help you with a smooth onboarding and successful implementation of WhatsApp for Business.


WhatsApp Business profiel

What can you do with WhatsApp Business?

If you start with Business WhatsApp, it means that you can expect the following standard WhatsApp Business features:

  • Link a landline telephone number
  • Show company information
  • Upload your company logo
  • Set opening hours
  • Set auto-reply messages
  • Set out of office message
  • View statistics
WhatsApp met meerdere gebruikers

Use WhatsApp Business with multiple users

If you are going to use WhatsApp for business, it is useful that you can work with several users at the same time. This does not work with the WhatsApp Business App, but it does with the WhatsApp Business API. Integrate it into the Saysimple Messaging Platform and you can manage all WhatsApp conversations with multiple users from one team inbox.

WhatsApp is wereldwijd de meest populaire messaging app

Whatsapp Business for global connectivity

Reach 2 billion people worldwide with WhatsApp Business! The great thing about the very popular chat app is that you can connect with customers without limits. Talk to each other, build a loyal customer relationship and provide tailor-made service.

  • 1 billion people use WhatsApp every day
  • 65 billion WhatsApp messages are sent per day
  • An average of 195 minutes per week is spent on WhatsApp
WhatsApp Business use cases

WhatsApp Business use cases 

Honestly, customers’ patience is short. When it suits them, they want to get help through their preferred channel. This makes WhatsApp an indispensable channel within the customer journey and that is why companies mainly use WhatsApp for:

  • Customer service: Engage with customers and exceed their expectations.
  • Notifications: Send service-oriented reminders about orders, deliveries and appointments.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Secure accounts and help customers verify their identity for important transactions.
WhatsApp chatvenster

Add a WhatsApp chat window to your website

Chances are that you will embrace WhatsApp Business, because you prefer to always be there for the customer. To emphasize this extra, we have developed the Saysimple chatwidget. With this you can add a WhatsApp chat window to your website. One click and chatting (from any device) with a chatbot or service agent can begin.

WhatsApp chatbot

Use a WhatsApp chatbot for automatic replies

Customer service receives many of the same questions every day. It’s a shame to have to type the same answer over and over again. That can be different! Let WhatsApp chatbots handle FAQs. This allows agents to focus on more complex conversations. And should the smart chatbot not come out? Then the chat conversation is passed on to the correct employee.

WhatsApp call deflection

Reduce phone traffic with WhatsApp call deflection

Reduce time-consuming phone calls by about 30% to 40%? With call to WhatsApp it can be very simple. Fine-tune the automated welcome message in the phone menu and give the caller the choice: “Choose 1 if you want to join the queue, choose 2 if you prefer to be contacted directly via WhatsApp.” Small switch, big time and cost impact.

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Whatsapp Message templates

Start the conversation with WhatsApp message templates

To proactively communicate with customers over WhatsApp, businesses need to use WhatsApp Message templates. WhatsApp templates are standard messages approved by WhatsApp and used for sending notifications to the customer to provide additional service. Think of text templates, media templates and interactive quick reply button templates. Consumers respond within the same channel, creating continuous conversations.

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WhatsApp opt-in

Proactive contact with an active opt-in

WhatsApp does not allow you to just text your customers for every little thing. You need permission from the customer. Consent in the form of an active opt-in. You can read how to win those opt-ins for you in our blog.

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WhatsApp branded stickers

Unique look & feel with WhatsApp stickers

WhatsApp Business brand stickers. Stickers? Hell yes! A super fun, not to be underestimated tool that allows you to better express yourself as a brand, to have more personal conversations and to give your brand image a positive boost. Conversations that stay with you!

Saysimple platform

Start with WhatsApp Business: API or the Saysimple's team inbox

Let’s go! If you are going to get started with WhatsApp for Business , you can choose from two options:

  • WhatsApp Business API: Option 1 is to work with our officially supported, GDPR-proof API. You can add this in your current customer contact tool.
  • Saysimple Messaging Platform: no need to switch between inboxes, but a universal team inbox – including WhatsApp Business – for the entire team. So all-in-one!

Our customers about WhatsApp Business

We can put a lot of words into it ourselves, we can also let our customers from various industries tell their story about WhatsApp Business.

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Saysimple integraties

Smart integrations with existing systems

We believe in joining forces. This way you can integrate the Saysimple Messaging Platform with your current CRM, customer feedback or e-commerce system. Let all business tools talk to each other smoothly under one digital roof thanks to our Business API. The multitasker. You want to work efficiently on a personal customer click.

Do you want to start with WhatsApp Business?

Build future proof customer service with WhatsApp Business. Integrate it into the Saysimple Messaging Platform and you manage all channels from one overview. This way you can focus on the things with which you make a difference: personal customer contact that stays with you.