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Automate customer contact with WhatsApp Flows

Could your customer contact team use some support of their own? Then get started with WhatsApp Flows! Automate FAQ answers, route questions to the right department, get to the root of customer intent, and save your team time with WhatsApp Flows.

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Benefits of WhatsApp Flows

Automate the handling of FAQs, route conversations to the right department, and have time left over for complex requests.

  • Automated answers

    Automate answers to FAQs so your agents have more time to tend to complex requests.

  • The right department

    Gather additional information so queries reach the right department, saving time for your agents and customers. Watch your customer satisfaction increase.

  • More time

    Enable your agents to work more efficiently. With more time for questions that need extra attention, you’ll see an increase in employee satisfaction.

Experience it for yourself

WhatsApp Flows for customer service

Create your own flows and automatically collect order numbers, item IDs, etc. to complete support requests smoothly and quickly. Scan the QR code or use the link below to start a sample flow.

Experience it for yourself ›

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FAQ Automation

Answer frequently asked questions automatically with WhatsApp Flows. Here’s how: the customer sends a WhatsApp message and receives an automatic response serving the most frequently asked questions. This way, your team keeps more time.


Sort and route incoming questions

Uncover the intent and urgency of an incoming question with a WhatsApp Flow. Sort and route questions to the department and/or agent best equipped to help the customer.


Personalised product recommendations

Save your customers’ time by providing personalised product recommendations via WhatsApp Flows. Find out what your customers need by asking specific questions or linking the Flow to your CRM.

Want to learn more about WhatsApp Flows?

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