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The WhatsApp Business Inbox for multiple users

Over 100 billion messages are sent on WhatsApp every day. By adopting WhatsApp as a communication channel for your business, you can interact with your customers through their most preferred channel, provide greater support and collaborate as team.

WhatsApp Business Inbox
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Meet your customers on WhatsApp Busines

WhatsApp Business gives you the ability to provide a more engaging, potentially more-profitable, customer experience. It is a great fit for businesses of all sizes and shapes looking to improve their customer communications.

whatsapp business inbox
WhatsApp Inbox

Manage WhatsApp with multiple users

Fully scalable, it allows multiple agents to operate seamlessly from a central inbox, where they can serve customers quicker and more efficiently, with all messages coming from a single number. In real terms, that means less waiting and better results for everyone.

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Notify your customers on WhatsApp

Fully support WhatsApp Business templates. The templates allow businesses to send predefined messages to their customers. They take minutes to set-up, but can save many hours of wait-time. On a basic level, they can be used to effectively manage FAQs and customer notifications, as well as more sophisticated tasks.

Go omni-channel, manage other channels alongside WhatsApp

Manage all your business communication channels in one single inbox. From WhatsApp Business, to Facebook Messenger, to Livechat, and even e-mail.

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Be where your customers are

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world. People use it to communicate with friends, families, teammates, colleagues and more – so add your company to the list for effective and fast customer contact.

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Efficient workflows and agent collaboration

The WhatsApp Business inbox will revolutionize your ability to manage your team and engage with your customers. By having all communications in the same place, you can delegate tasks and create templates that give your team breathing space to focus on providing the best support possible.

Get a closer look inside the WhatsApp inbox

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