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Google Business Messaging Features

The world’s largest search engine is constantly developing new functionalities for Google Business Messaging. For faster, more efficient, and more personal customer interactions, take advantage of what Google Business Messaging has to offer:

  • Welcome messages

    Send automatic, personalised welcome messages as soon as you receive a chat.

  • Quick replies

    Use quick reply buttons, programmed with FAQs, when chatting with companies via Google Business Messaging.

  • Product carousels

    Insert your product or services into a chat using product carousels to provide a low-threshold introduction to what you have to offer.

  • From chatbot to chat agent

    Switch from chatbots to chat agents with such smooth transfers your customers won’t even notice the difference!

  • Proactieve notificaties

    Ga in gesprek met klanten door proactief pushnotificaties te versturen. Stuur hen puur uit service oogpunt extra informatie, updates of reminders.

  • Enhance your after-care

    Why not keep your customers up-to-date on when their delivery person will arrive? You can even schedule appointments or place orders in just one click via RCS SMS Messaging.

Google's business messages saysimple

Easier contact opportunities via Google Business Messaging

Google Business Messaging has the added value of allowing your customers to start chat conversations directly from their Google Search results, Google Maps, or the Google Search app.

Google’s Business Messages

Google’s Business Messages for strong customer service

Strengthen your customer service by being available 24/7 to answer questions, provide product carousels, and share reviews and deals. Google Business Messaging allows you to provide the best information, support, and personalised advice and make more sales!

Google's Business Messages

Less calls = time (and money) saved

Customers can contact you easily with Contact Us buttons for Google chat. With 75% of consumers preferring private messaging to phone calls, your incoming call traffic will decrease dramatically leaving more time for your agents to have efficient, time-saving conversations and increase customer satisfaction.

React faster with Google Business Messaging

Google My Business’ chat function stimulates customer support teams to respond to messages within 24 hours, leading to better customer satisfaction and positive engagement.

Manage your messaging channels with a unified inbox

Saysimple’s Messaging Platform makes it easier to handle all your incoming messages from within a central, unified inbox. Create complete customer profiles, have personalised conversations, optimise your chatbots, and streamline workforce management.

How to start with Google’s Business Messages?

Google is used 3,5 billion times a day! Leverage search traffic with the help of the Google My Business connector. Your (potential) customers can ask questions directly from Google Maps and Search results. Here’s how to make it happen:

  • Add the ‘Contact Us’ button to your Google My Business account
  • Customers do a Google Search and fall on your company. They click the ‘Contact Us’ button
  • All incoming Google chat messages land in the Saysimple Messaging platform’s unified inbox where messages can be delegated between team members
  • Meanwhile, the ‘Contact Us’ button opens the customer’s SMS app
  • Start chatting!

Get chatty with Google Business Messaging

Google Business Messaging is a new and useful channel to add to your customer service arsenal. Learn more by requesting a non-binding demo or check our pricing.