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Call to messaging

Easy switch from calling to messaging

Customer questions come flooding in from various channels from email to chat to calls. Despite a general preference for messaging, customers are quick to call customer service numbers to speak to a live agent. Reduce the overflow of incoming calls with call / IVR deflection. Spread out your inbound call traffic by adding a welcome message, allowing customers to switch from call to SMS or WhatsApp seamlessly.

without the need for call queues

Highest priority for call to messaging conversations

Let your customers know about the option to switch their conversation to chat. Call deflection ensures that customer questions are answered sooner, without the need for call queues. Prioritize requests from incoming calls by labelling them in the Saysimple Multichannel inbox.

No more hold music

Call deflection: quick service, satisfied customers

Help customers in no time by redirecting calls to WhatsApp. No more hold music or never-ending wait times, respond to all types of questions immediately via chat. Customer satisfaction increases significantly when you help your customers in a timely manner.

1 call vs. 5 messaging conversations

Boost productivity among agents

The time it takes to take one call is equal to ten chat conversations. Our central dashboard provides a comprehensive overview your whole team can access, never missing a beat on incoming requests from any channel.

Boost employee happiness

Messaging improves job satisfaction

Endlessly ringing phones are a thing of the past with call deflection. Handle peak service windows by redirecting calls to WhatsApp with call deflection. By helping more customers, faster, not only are you reducing workloads and increasing productivity, but you’re increasing your agents’ job satisfaction. Minimal effort, maximum impact!

reduce calls with 40%

Save time and money with Call deflection

Deflecting your calls to WhatsApp or SMS can reduce your incoming phone traffic by up to 40%. All you need to do is add an automated welcome message to your IVR menu and customers can choose to join a call queue or receive immediate help via messaging. Save valuable time and money with this simple addition!

Reduce calls with Call Deflections

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