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Grow your business with omni-channel communication

Meet Saysimple, an omni-channel communications platform, built to leverage digital customer service from one single workspace. Enjoy closer collaboration, efficient workflows and more satisfied customers.

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A welcome solution for
omnichannel communication

When customers reach out to you, they use many different channels - now all of these connections can be accessed from a single platform.

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    Omnichannel Inbox

    Unify customer contact from WhatsApp, Livechat, Email & more in one easy-to-use inbox for teams.

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    Analytics & Insights

    Easily monitor your performance and KPIs - then use data-driven insights to continuously improve efficiency.

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    Customer Success

    From the moment you start, our Customer Success team will be by your side to ensure successful implementation.

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Experience WhatsApp interactive messages the way your customers do

Just scan the QR code or use the following link to start the experience on your phone and learn more about WhatsApp interactive messages.

Saysimple creates closer connections

Saysimple removes the barriers between your business, your customers and your agents, making interactions more efficient and more rewarding. Read how you can achieve this with your team here.

Omnichannel team inbox
Omnichannel Inbox

All messaging channels in one shared view

An omnichannel inbox is a single dashboard, where all messaging channels come together. Multiple agents can collaborate and answer customer questions effortlessly, ensuring fast, efficient service at scale.

Saysimple Engage for WhatsApp broadcasting@2x

Send personalised bulk message with WhatsApp Broadcasting

Engage customers with personalized offers, timely promotions and special deals across the buyer journey. With Saysimple’s Engage module, you can send personalized broadcast messages in 5 simple steps.

Analytics & Insights

Improve how your business operates

Get real-time insight into the performance of the customer contact team. Which topics receive the most questions? Which agents require extra attention? All of your KPIs are just a click away, and you can make live adjustments any time.


Create efficient workflows

Easily set keywords, tags and labels that automatically route incoming customer inquiries to the correct location, department or agent. Increasing efficiency and satisfaction in your customers and your agents.

Apps & Integrations

Connect with systems you already use

Seamlessly sync data and actions between Saysimple and the rest of your tech stack.

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Get a closer look at Saysimple

Schedule a personalized tour of our platform and learn how it can help you reach business goals.

Saysimple platform overview