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Communicate with your customers via WhatsApp, Messenger, Live Chat and other messaging channels. Simple and efficient for the best customer experience.

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All about the conversation

Our platform places customer contact at the heart of your business. That means a bit more than just sending messages. We help you to set goals that fit your company and match your ambitions, so you get the chance to have conversations that contribute to growth.

  • Efficient conversations

    Our Messaging Platform allows you to have better conversations in less time.

  • Focus on goals

    We help you to incorporate messaging in such a way that it contributes to your team KPIs.

  • Smart integrations

    Easily connect to tools and services that you already know and use, to build complete customer profiles.

What’s in the box?

The Saysimple platform is a melting pot of customer service, intelligence and sales. At the heart are the conversations you have with customers. On top of that, you monitor your CS team’s KPIs and start conversations with customers or prospects proactively.

for all agents

Better conversations in less time

With the Messaging Module you can have countless conversations with multiple agents at the same time. Designed to take work off your plate, so you can focus on having a golden convo with your customer.


Boost your team’s productivity

Check your team’s KPIs whenever you like, so you can adjust accordingly. The intelligence module tells you what areas to focus on, whether it’s topics, peak load or agents. All at the blink of an eye 😉.

for marketeers

Connect with your customers

Start the conversation with your customers proactively by using smart templates. Reach a big group or segment on their favourite channel with just one tap, and add rich media to make your message stand out.

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