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What is a WhatsApp template?

WhatsApp templates are standard and reusable text-based messages that companies can send to their customers. They are automated conversation starters that can be easily used in a number of different scenarios. Though they are presets, they can still provide a personal touch.

How can I use a WhatsApp template?

WhatsApp business templates in the form of notifications, alerts, and service messages are a smart and easy way to update customers. They are a great tool for any company from an e-commerce webshop to a travel agent. Here’s how:

  • Ticket alerts

    Send ticket alerts for concerts, the theatre, or the cinema.

  • Confirm reservations

    Send reservation confirmations for hotel stays or car rentals.

  • Transaction notifications

    Send a WhatsApp notification to confirm made and received transactions.

  • Order notifications

    Confirm a recently placed order or provide a delivery update.

  • Finance updates

    Stay up to date with, and share payment plan information with your customers.

  • Transport updates

    Send an update for a transport related reservation, from boarding passes to train tickets.

video, images and pdfs

What are WhatsApp media templates?

Where WhatsApp message templates are plain text messages, WhatsApp media templates add a visual element. They support multimedia such as PDF documents, short videos, and images. Practical examples include cinema tickets, return labels, and monthly financial statements. This automation allows you not only to save on paper and postage costs, but to serve your customers faster, too.

Add call to actions to WhatsApp

Enhance conversations with WhatsApp button templates

To maximize customer satisfaction and engagement, Add Call-to-Action (CTA) or Quick Reply buttons to a WhatsApp (media) message template. CTA buttons (max. two per template) like ‘Visit our website’ or ‘Call us’. Quick Reply buttons (max. three per template) allow customers to send a message back instantly.

opti-in & 24h window

WhatsApp template requirements

All WhatsApp Business template messages must be approved by WhatsApp before you can send them to customers. Only customers who choose to opt-in to messaging can receive them. When a customer responds to a template message, you are no longer bound by template use and can freely communicate with the customer. Keep in mind that this care window lasts 24 hours before WhatsApp starts charging a chat fee.

Getting started with WhatsApp templates

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