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The power of Twitter DM

Unlock the power of (private) messaging and boost your customer satisfaction with Twitter DM – Twitter Direct Message. The Saysimple chat widget opens the door to new possibilities with Twitter DM:

  • Wide reach

    Send 1.000 Twitter DMs per day to reach thousands of the 350 million active monthly users on Twitter.

  • Improve Customer Service

    Your customers want to feel like you care – show them you do with direct, personal messages.

  • Stay connected

    Build from Twitter feed conversations to Twitter DMs with ease!

Twitter DM brand loyalty

Engage in timely conversations your target cares about with unforgettable tweets. Your Twitter activity can swiftly turn into Twitter DM conversations, where you can provide positive interactions with your customers to keep them loyal to your brand!

Start with Twitter DM and grow to omnichannel messaging

Have meaningful conversations with your customers on Twitter DM and other messaging channels all via a single platform.