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Wholesale: a personalized B2B experience

Customer communication happens at lightning speed and is no longer just over the phone. More and more companies can now be reached on messaging channels like WhatsApp. Adding new communication channels can also offer major benefits for wholesale companies.

We help companies (re)design their channels and the way they communicate with their target group. By lending a helping hand in adopting Social Messaging channels through the SaySimple platform, value creation can become a reality. For your customers as well as your organization.



Improve your service level

In a market with very similar products, cut-throat competition, and digitization that makes it increasingly easier for customers to find information, you have to keep up. Direct lines to the producer are easy to find. Providing added value to buyers, producers, and your own organization will help maintain the position of the wholesaler and secure it for the future. So, it is up to the wholesaler to claim its position; customer satisfaction and loyalty are inextricably linked in this regard. The way you communicate and provide service are key drivers

Four reasons why you should implement WhatsApp Business

1. It is cost-effective and saves a lot of time

2. It helps you provide excellent customer service

3. It is the channel your customers are using

4. It is secure and confidential

Harness the power of social messaging

Social messaging saves a lot of time and money compared to traditional customer service (i.e. by phone or e-mail). Studies have shown that a customer service employee can only handle about fifteen to twenty phone calls per hour. Implementing social messaging will double – and in some cases even triple – the number of conversations per hour. Both customers and customer service employees find social messaging a more pleasant communication channel. Getting in touch becomes more accessible to the customer, and theconversation can be more user friendly. Not only will social messaging save time and money,but it will also increase your customer satisfaction, and that’s a guarantee! All while simultaneously easing the strain on your customer service team

The customer is closer to us, and we are closer to them. Through their 'mobile work tools', they are direct in touch with our shop and office staff. This ensures a quick response.
John van Schaik - Plieger

The benefits

In an ‘always-on’ society with increasingly demanding customers, it is important to react accordingly. The digitization of the playing field comes with its own set of challenges, but it
simultaneously presents opportunities as well. The current Social Messaging Automation technology makes it possible to take this a step further. Consider the following:

  • An increase in customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  • A reduction in costs (TCO)
  • And an increase in the profitability of your customer service department (ROI)

We have been working in the wholesale sector for a number of years. Plieger is one of the companies within this sector that has eagerly started implementing messaging.

Contact by phone and handling have been reduced by 20% to 30%. We also use WhatsApp to send short notes along with orders. The webshop for the small-business installer. But the service requests, in particular, have been dealt with faster.
John van Schaik - Plieger

You may be able to entice a customer to make a purchase, but how do you maintain a long-term relationship? ‘Conversational Excellence’ are the magic words here; it’s about how you tap into the popularity of social messaging. It will help you transform your customer service from a cost center to a department that structurally improves your return on investment.


More information?

To learn more about messaging in wholesale business, please contact our sector specialist Jesper de Vries.