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Get more leads
with a clickable WhatsApp number

What if you customers want to reach your company, but they are unable to find your phone number? This could lead to missed opportunities and leads. With a clickable WhatsApp number you give customers the opportunity to easily reach out and prevent them from retyping the number from your website. In this article we will discuss more informatie and benefits about this feature.



What is a clickable WhatsApp number?

With the WhatsApp ‘click and chat’ feature, customers can chat with your company without the need of saving your phone number in his or her address book. When a customer clicks on the link, a chat will automatically open with your company. A clickable link works both on the phone and via WhatsApp web.

Tip 💡 add WhatsApp click to chat to all your relevant website pages.


How does a clickable WhatsApp number work?

You can easily set up a clickable WhatsApp number yourself. Use the created link and place the link behind a button on the (mobile) website or in the app.


Step 1: Create a clickable WhatsApp number

Create a clickable WhatsApp number as in the example below.


Step 2: Place the clickable link behind a button, QR code or text link

After creating the clickable link, you can add the link to the desired location. Make it easy for the customer to find the link, button or QR code.

WhatsApp click to chat button

Step 3: Create clickable WhatsApp number with predefined message

When a clickable number contains a predefined message, you can easily track why a customer is requesting contact with your company. Based on the “track” you route incoming customer inquiries directly to the right team or office.


#1 product detail page:

By placing this link on a specific car page, for example the Volvo xc40, our platform recognizes the keyword “Volvo” and this conversation will be immediately directed to the created “team Volvo”.


#2 Direct contact with a location

If your car company consists of different locations, you can use a clickable WhatsApp number to route incoming customer inquiries based on keyword recognition directly to the right office.


Improve workflows; combine WhatsApp click to chat with smart routing

Unlike traditional ticketing systems, the Saysimple platform does not work with tickets and queues. With “smart routing for Teams” incoming inquiries, regardless of the channel, will be checked on keywords and routed to right agent, team or location.

A clickable number is easy to combine with smart routing and can be used in several ways:

  • If a conversation contains “request test drive” then the conversation routes directly to the sales department.
  • If the conversation is about “Volvo” then the conversation will be directed to team Volvo.
  • It is also possible to route conversations based on location, for example messages with “Amsterdam” are routed to the Amsterdam office.

WhatsApp Click to chat in combination with smart routing ensures seamless collaboration between the different departments within your company. Customers are no longer on hold and are directly assisted by the right team or location. This way you realize more satisfied customers with an easy to use WhatsApp feature!


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