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How to get a WhatsApp Business opt-in from customers

Before you use WhatsApp to proactively contact your customers, you need to get an opt-in from them. An opt-in is when a customer agrees to receive information from your business via their smartphone. When you collect an opt-in, make sure to state your business name and explicitly disclose what kind of information they will receive from your business.

When a customer sends you a message, whether they initiate the conversation or respond to a message template, WhatsApp starts a 24-hour customer care window. This is initiated when you receive a message from a customer, be it a direct inquiry or a response to a message template you’ve sent out.


4 ways to get an WhatsApp opt-in more easily

There are a few different ways that you can get someone to opt-in to receiving proactive WhatsApp messages from your business.

#1 Opt-in pop-up

Provide a pop-up on your website where customers can type in their phone number and submit with the opt-in button. Your homepage and campaign landing pages are the best places for a pop-up as they are often your website’s highest converting pages.

#2 Opt-in checkbox

You can add a box that customers can check if they want to receive updates via WhatsApp. Similar to the check boxes often used to sign up for a newsletter or agree to privacy terms. You can add this on a purchase confirmation page, an account creation page, or a contact form.

#3 Click-to-WhatsApp ads

Ads with a click-to-WhatsApp button are another great way to get customers to opt-in to receive messages from your company. Because of the precise targeting you use, the opt-ins you get from ads are most likely the most valuable ones

whatrsapp click to chat advertising

#4 Just ask

When a customer first reaches out via your customer service channels, ask them if they would like to receive information and/or updates via WhatsApp. Make sure to provide them an example of how they can agree to the opt-in. For example, use a quick reply with the text “I agree to receive [type of information] to [their phone number] from [your business name].” and answer options, yes, no, will confirm later.


Whats after receiving those beloved opt-ins?

Opt-in secured, you can start using message templates to trigger their attention. Do you want more information about WhatsApp Business message templates? Read our article all about templates here.

Once your customers have opted-in to receive messages from you, make sure you’re giving them what they are expecting. Send only the type of information you stated in the opt-in. Do not bombard your customers with messages and respect their privacy. Make sure your terms and conditions clearly state how a customer can opt out of receiving messages from you.

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