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How to manage your emails in the Saysimple Customer Communication Platform

It’s no surprise that up to 80% of consumers are still looking to interact online via email, among the other available messaging channels. Communication via email remains one of the most accessible, cost-efficient modes of communication for both businesses and consumers. Luckily, Saysimple’s Customer Communication Platform has email integration and in this blog, we’re going to walk you through how to get started with it!

The joys of a unified inbox

Saysimple’s unified inbox lets you integrate messaging channels like WhatsApp Business, and Facebook Messenger as well as email into the platform. This allows for a seamless agent experience across the customer service experience. Agents can now access all messaging in a single window, have a comprehensive overview of the goings on, and even tackle certain customer inquiries as a team.

Here’s how:

How to manage email in Saysimple

Step 1. Connect your email

When the Saysimple team sets up your customer communication platform, they will provide you with a special email address. This is the connector between your regular inbox and the Saysimple platform.

All you have to do in order to complete the connection is go to the settings of the email address where you receive customer contact (such as and set up a forwarding rule to the email address Saysimple has provided. This ensures that all communication coming through will show up on your dashboard.

Step 2. Label your messages

Your team will work from a single, unified inbox on the Saysimple platform. To ensure that messages are picked up by the right agent, use the labels feature to create categories. You can label your messages via department, team, product, or even brand.

Example labels for a car dealership
Department: sales, aftersales, workshop, showroom
Reason for inquiry: damage, complaint, deals, mandatory MOT testing
Product: tyres, bumpers, mirrors, navigation system
Brand: BMW, Peugeot, Volvo, VW

Step 3. Integrate automation

Get a bit more technical and take advantage of the automation features Saysimple provides not only for email, but for all the channels we support.

Autoreplies allow you to provide an immediate response outside of office hours or during a particularly busy period. This type of reply gives your customer better insight into when they can expect a response.

Smart routing allows you to create automated flows that get the labelled messages to the right agent or department. Customers inquiring about finance topics will be helped directly by the finance team, claims inquiries by the claims team, etc.

All conversations in on Inbox

Linking email to the Saysimple platform ensures that users can manage customer support from one inbox. Together with all your other customer channels, you maintain an overview, colleagues know exactly which customers have already been helped or not, and that works a lot more efficiently. Want to experience the benefits yourself? Request a demo now.