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How to future proof your customer communication in a post pandemic world?

Customer behavior changed immensely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Globally we went from off- to online. We had to adapt quickly, but it seems we were more ready for it than we thought.



Adapt to changing consumer behaviour

Organizations discovered many advantages from doing business online. It is quick, immediate, efficient, personal, easy and we don’t have to get off our buts to get what we want. The transition was much easier thanks to a communication channel many of us use. Talking about WhatsApp. Over two billion people use it to send over 75 billion messages each day.

Many organizations see the advantages of handling customer contact in a more direct manner. Instead of encouraging their customers to download numerous company apps, they can just simply engage through Whatsapp.


Whatsapp Business solution Saysimple


About WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is known as the straightforward messaging app owned by Facebook. The common used app is targeted at the consumer, which is why the messaging giant developed a solution for businesses as well.

Small businesses are able to download the WhatsApp Business app, but for the medium to large businesses WhatsApp developed a scalable solution. This adds more features for businesses to easily engage with their customers than the WhatsApp Business app offers.

WhatsApp Business empowers brands to improve on their customer experience. The API allows for one-on-one interaction with customers at scale.

The WhatsApp Business API represents an ideal solution for a deepened customer care and offers opportunities for sending proactive notifications. Other features developed for companies are automatic postings like away and greeting messages, and the option to list info such as opening hours and locations.

The implementation of WhatsApp Business reduces pressure off your customer service team, increases sales and removes friction within the purchase process. As a business owner, you can use your verified WhatsApp Business profile as an extension of your brand and earn recognition and trust from your customer.


We are here to help

Automations, artificial intelligence and analytics enrich the use of this well known communication channel. We, at Saysimple, help integrate these smart features, which help redeem pressure of customer care and reduce costs for the business. Consumers are happy too, because they receive a 24/7, efficient, personal and most of all a secure engagement. A two way street in which continuous conversations are key ensuring long term relationships.

Now, we are heading towards the post pandemic world where many of us can’t wait to leave their couch. However consumers got used to the new lifestyle of getting things done quick and easy. It seems the mobile first generation is here to stay. Therefore businesses need to get ahead of the game, by upgrading their customer experience strategy to meet the quality standards of the new world ahead of us.

Team up with Saysimple, get ready for the post pandemic world and future proof your organization.

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