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How to enrich your customer service with WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is the messaging channel that helps businesses to strengthen their customer service. Why is that? With over two billion customers in the world it is by far the most used communication platform worldwide. Nine out of ten people prefer to use WhatsApp instead of the more traditional channels, like email or phone. The Business version of WhatsApp helps companies to professionalize client communication, to personalize customer relationships, while increasing the client database to a greater scale. How this works, we will explain.


WhatsApp Business: App or API

There are two versions of WhatsApp Business for companies to choose from. There’s an app or you can use the API if you need a deepened connection. Which one you need, depends on the size of your customer service team and to what extent you need more services.

For small business owners WhatsApp developed an app which is freely available. With the app, companies are able to communicate with their clients in a professional way. You cann create your own profile, showcase products, set up quick replies, add opening hours and label and tag chats. Using WhatsApp Business will yield professional, clear and bright communication from business to consumer.

If you own a business where the customer service is managed by a team, you can also use WhatsApp through an API to target your customer database on a greater scale. Besides the functionalities of the app, there are more features with the API. Use templates to proactively send messages or include chatbots to automate your messaging.

This sounds great, but having all these different chats in one app, makes it difficult to keep an overview. That’s why Saysimple developed a multichannel team inbox that is linked to the WhatsApp Business API. In this platform all communication is gathered and ordered. Employees can oversee different client chats, divide these among each other to respond to client queries and they can split the workload. As a result teams are working efficiently, customers receive a quick response, leading to a higher customer satisfaction and in the end it generates more business.


Work more efficient with WhatsApp Business

When choosing WhatsApp Business as part of your client service strategy, your team is no longer spending heaps of time on reaching out to clients, but instead the customer finds you. By lowering the threshold, your customer is able to contact you in an easy and efficient way.

Your clients are finally able to avoid long cues leading up to long phone calls. WhatsApp Business sets the clients in control. A customer decides if they want to respond and when they choose to answer. You might wonder if the client will contact you, but they will. They will, because the channel is accessible and because WhatsApp works asynchronous. For the customer agent it means they are able to have multiple conversations at the same time, instead of taking care of one phone call.

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Messaging versus traditional communication

Managing multiple conversations at once is efficient, especially when you can outstretch messaging during the entire customer journey: from product orientation, until purchase until service delivery. This is how you will distinguish yourself from your competitors and how you will retain customers.

Digitization is a blessing, and is also evident from the results from a research carried out by Deloitte. Which points out that the use of digital communication channels helps to improve customer experience. Regardless of being digital, where a lot of people perceive it as not personal or a recurring form of communication, the opposite turns out to be true.The advantage is that chats continue to exist, are therefore retrievable and conversations are easily picked up again where they left off.

WhatsApp Business proofs to be an enrichment for your customer service. Especially for companies that struggle to reach clients, we encourage them to switch to messaging. Even if you decide not to work with WhatsApp Business, we advise you to choose a digital solution for your customer service handling. Stop using traditional landlines and email as primary communication tools. Digital communication is easy, fast and less work.

One more thing we want to point out is the following. Once you have made the decision to move to messaging, you will need to route incoming calls from old client channels to the new and improved WhatsApp Business channel. We experienced that this might be a challenge for numerous companies. Which is why we, at Saysimple, developed call deflection. Curious to find out how this works? Download our ultimate guide to WhatsApp Business for more information or experience it within a free demo.

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