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Get the most out of Saysimple by adding multiple channels

Saysimple provides you with a single platform where you can integrate all your digital communications channels.

Saysimple’s platform is built with the Multichannel Inbox at its core. This is where all your channels come together to give your agents seamless access to customer communication. Through it, you will build long-term, meaningful relationships with your loyal customers. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect from Saysimple:

– Manage all digital channels from one centralised inbox with multiple users.
– Collaborate on incoming conversations with your colleagues.
– Route conversations to the best equipped agent / team based on keyword recognition and smart routing.

These are no doubt amazing benefits for a customer communications platform. But the real added value is in the sheer range of digital communication channels you can add to the Saysimple platform.

Every digital channel

You already know how important it is to meet your users on their preferred channels. Saysimple’s Multichannel Inbox allows you to connect with your customers quickly and efficiently via WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Livechat, email, and more.

We currently support the following channels:
WhatsApp Business
Facebook Messenger
Instagram Direct Messenger
Google’s Business Messages

WhatsApp Business

With over 200 million monthly active users, WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messaging applications. WhatsApp Business has been available to companies since 2018 and includes some great features, including WhatsApp message templates. Both regular and template messages support different types of content such as texts, images, audio files, documents, emojis, GIFs, and locations.

Facebook Messenger

Did you know that nearly 20 billion messages are exchanged on Facebook Messenger each month? This includes personal and business messages. Wow! It’s safe to say that with this kind of reach, Facebook Messenger can help you launch your ecommerce business, grow your already established brand, win new customers, and show them you care about them and their experience.

Instagram Direct Messenger

The positive business implications you can gain from Instagram go so much further than your regular influencer campaign. Of its over 1 billion users, 90% follows at least one business. The target advertising opportunities the Metaverse is providing us makes Instagram Direct a logical cog in your communications machine.

Google’s Business Messages

Google’s Business Messages (GBM) is a great way to be available to your customers as many of them are likely to do a quick search on Google or Maps to get an idea of what and where you are. This service allows you to add a “Chat” button pop-up in your GBM’s rich snippet where your customers can immediately start chatting with you!


You probably already have a traditional livechat experience to communicate with customers directly from your website. Livechat is a great channel for urgent customer questions, like when someone wants to settle something during checkout. Sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics.


Email still a relevant channel for your business to be reachable to your customer. Did you know that an average person receives up to 130 business emails a day? Your customers are still going to email with service enquiries and support requests, so make sure that you’re still paying attention to email!

5 reasons you should add multiple channels to Saysimple

Now that you have an idea of the different channels the Saysimple platform supports, it’s time to tell you WHY you should be adding all of these channels for the best agent and customer experience. Here are 5 reasons to get you excited:

1. Collaboration on multiple channels with multiple users

Having a central inbox enables you and your colleagues to work on incoming messages from every channel we’ve mentioned above. You no longer need separate inboxes for WhatsApp messages, Facebook Messenger, etc.! With the Multichannel Inbox, all your incoming messages come to the same place. No more toggling between multiple windows!

2. Go for scalability and security

A central inbox gives you the opportunity to easily scale your business because you’re no longer dependent on a single device to manage your conversations. Everyone on your team, from sales reps to customer service agents, has access to all of the documentation and communication they need to better help your customers. And you can easily expand your team by giving new members access to the centralised inbox.

3. Be less reliable

Adding multiple channels into your customer communications strategy (and platform!) gives your customers a wide range of channels to contact you on. No more worrying about things like the great Facebook outage of 2021.

4. Benefit from integrations

What if you connect all your messaging channels to one inbox, and then connect that inbox to your CRM software? The Saysimple platform’s integration allows you to do just that and log conversations directly in your customer profiles, regardless of the messaging channel(s) they used!

5. It’s free

You read that correctly! Depending on which pricing package you choose, a number of channels are free to add to the Saysimple platform!

Connecting all the messaging channels you’re using can help you collaborate easier with your colleagues, benefit from smart routing and automated workflows, and makes you less dependent if one of the channels suffers from an outage. To learn more about what Saysimple can do for you, request a free demo today!