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4 surefire ways to leverage WhatsApp in the customer journey

The pandemic has forced nearly all contact between customers and businesses online. Consumer contact on WhatsApp has not only increased 48% since the start of the pandemic, but the sheer necessity of online support has also led WhatsApp to become the leading chat app in over 100 countries and rising.

WhatsApp Business in the Customer Journey

Consumers are turning to messaging first across the customer journey when they want more information regarding a product or service. In the Discovery phase, this can be anything from general to specific product questions. In the Purchase phase, it can be the act of going through with the purchase and/or scheduling an appointment. And in the Post-purchase phase, it’s all about product support and feedback.

This desire for information at each of these stages can be traced back to specific pain points. According to Facebook IQ, there are a number of common pain points for each phase of the customer journey, which are expected to be a whopping $325 billion opportunity for businesses!

In this blog series, we’ll take a deep dive into what you can do as a business to improve communication in every stage of the customer journey. Let’s start with four ways to leverage WhatsApp in the Discovery phase:

1. Provide detailed product information

Jamie is browsing for Straight Leg jeans on their smartphone and has just discovered that you offer a pair for a great price. When you have WhatsApp Business, Jamie can send you a WhatsApp message directly from their smartphone to ask about the fit of your pair compared to the brand they normally buy. This way you eliminate the uncertainty of buying a new brand!Provide detailed product information

2. Provide customised information

Erin is looking to buy a sample desk for their office supply store’s showroom, but can only find a wholesale price with a minimum of five per order. They can’t find any information on the website about purchasing a single product. When you have WhatsApp business, Erin can send a quick WhatsApp message to your team to see if it’s possible to buy a single unit and at what cost.
Provide customised information

3. Provide specialist engagement

Jordan is looking to buy an e-reader but wants to know what the difference is between devices at different price points. They can simply send a WhatsApp message to contact a product specialist and get the information they are looking for, instead of having to hop back and forth through multiple tabs for the information.
Provide specialist engagement

4. Provide project advice

Alex wants to knock out and build custom cupboards in their kitchen but doesn’t know where to start on the project. After the measurements are taken, what kind of tools do you need to dismantle and build cupboards from scratch? Luckily, Alex can send a quick message on WhatsApp to ask the nearest home improvement store to get the project advice they’re looking for.
Provide project advice

As interest in messaging channels continues to rise, businesses are able to grow into these opportunities with their customers by implementing WhatsApp Business solutions. In our next blog, we’ll discuss the Purchase phase. Stay tuned for more!

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