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3 types of notifications on Saysimple’s platform

Three new notification types have recently been added to the Saysimple platform to notify agents of new incoming messages. Notifications come particularly in handy when you want to make sure you’re responding to customers as quickly as possible. In this article, we’ll define and break down each of the new notifications, namely sound, browser, and email notifications.

Sound notifications

A sound notification is a great way for agents to be alerted of new incoming messages when they are otherwise engaged. It’s a quick way to get them to shift back to their customers. The sound notification is used for new or new-to-you conversations.


For brand new conversations that come into the New tab, a sound notification plays for anyone who has the Saysimple inbox open. Additionally, any messages linked to the conversations still in the New tab will also get a sound notification.

For conversations that are newly assigned to an agent (user) by someone else on the team, that agent will get a sound notification. And, like in the New tab, every message linked to an assigned conversation will get a sound notification.

Browser notifications

Browser notifications are basically push notifications that let you know there’s something that needs attention. Like sound notifications, they are received with new and linked messages in the New tab, or with new or linked messages assigned to an agent (user). There are two types.

The first type is a browser badge which appears on the tab where Saysimple is active. New notifications are shown after ‘Saysimple’ in the tab. The number, between brackets like this (5), will always show, even when it is zero. Browser badges are shown by default and cannot be turned off.

Browser badge

The second type is a browser banner which appears when you receive a notification. This is shown on the top right of the browser and contains 3 distinguishing elements:

1. That you have an incoming message, in which inbox, and from whom.
2. Your company’s Saysimple name as
3. The Saysimple logo

You will receive this type of notification when you are still in the browser, but are working in a different tab.

Banner notification

Email notification

In addition to sound and browser notifications, Saysimple allows you to enable email notifications. These notifications are best for customer service representatives or other colleagues who have multiple roles.

For example, if you deal with logistics and customer service. In this case, when you start your day by checking your email before anything else, you will already see that there’s something waiting for you in the Saysimple platform. This makes it much easier to keep track of the messages you need to address and how urgent they might be.

When email notifications are enabled, an agent (user) will receive emails for new conversations in the New tab, assigned conversations, and every message linked to an assigned conversation.

Personalise the way you receive notifications

Every agent (user) has their preferences on how they would like to receive notifications. While browser badges cannot be turned off, all other types of notifications can be toggled on and/or off via the User Settings tab.

Notification settings\

To adjust your settings, log into the Saysimple platform and go to Settings > User Settings. Here, you will see all the possible settings for each type of notification. Toggle on the settings that you would like to receive. This will help you personalise and optimise your workflow to ensure the best results for both you and your customers.

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