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All channels in one inbox

Collaborate more efficiently by using a central hub for all incoming messages. Be more accessible, more flexible and build better workflows across WhatsApp Business, Messenger, Livechat and email.

  • Work together, win together

    Tag team members, transfer conversations and label conversations to make communication quicker and more efficient.

  • All channels connected

    Build stronger connections with your customers, by using their preferred channels. WhatsApp Business, Messenger, webchat and email, all in the same place.

  • Automation. Satisfaction.

    Automate workflows and route conversations to the right colleagues as soon as they’re received in order to reduce queues and increase customer satisfaction.


Manage more channels at once

Communicate quickly and efficiently via WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Webchat and email. All conversations are collected in the Saysimple Multichannel Inbox giving you a direct line to the customer.

Saysimple workflow example

Effortlessly route conversations to the right agent

Route the question to the departments that have the answers to ensure your customers get the right answer first time.

WhatsApp Quick replies

Quicker replies from standard templates

Save time for your team – and your customers – by automating replies to the most common questions. Quick replies can be used on any channel and are fully adjustable.

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