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WhatsApp Business

Thanks to its accessible, 24/7 character, WhatsApp Business is the ideal communication channel for customers. Our scalable messaging platform makes it possible to connect your chat inbox with the official WhatsApp Business API. This way you get all the potential from this powerful messaging app, and you can be there where the always on customer is.

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Web chat for mobile apps and websites is the way to get rid of customer question marks in no time. It is an indispensable channel to provide that service when the customer requests it. For companies that want to excel in messaging, SaySimple can easily link webchat to the omnichannel messaging inbox.

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Facebook Messenger

As many as a billion people use Facebook Messenger. A messaging channel with a lot of potential for companies. The social media giant sees this too, and is constantly developing new opportunities for the business market. Facebook Messenger as a digital place where service can be provided quickly and easily, and where customer questions can be turned into sales opportunities.

Google’s Business Messages
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Google's Business Messages

Google business messaging is the mobile channel for billions of Android and Apple users to connect with brands. Consumers can contact customer service in one click in a very accessible way via Google Maps and Google Search. Put your business on the map, literally and figuratively!

Telegram Business Messaging
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Telegram Business Messaging

The free chat app Telegram is a major player in the messaging market with 15 billion messages every day. The app is also gaining popularity in the Netherlands. And that makes it worth considering for companies. User-friendly, fast and secure sharing of rich content with customers from SaySimple’s team inbox. Scroll further to see what an asset Telegram for Business can be for your customer communication.

The smart all-in-one platform

WeChat Business

WeChat cannot be stopped. China’s all-in-one platform has more than 1.2 billion monthly active users. It has long been the talk of the town in the world of customer experience. Rightly so. Chances are that your customers will soon chat, pay or manage their socials via WeChat. Add the all-round app to your customer contact strategy, and experience the value of this messaging powerhouse for yourself.

Viber Business messaging
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Viber Business Messages

Worldwide, Viber connects more than a billion unique users. Not only consumers, but also companies are increasingly seeing the power of this calling, chat and video app. Do you want to give your customer contact strategy a personal touch? Then Viber Business Messages is definitely worth considering.

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Everything in one place

We develop the Saysimple platform for you, so that you can use messaging in the way that suits your vision on customer contact. Whether you are looking for more control over your messages, efficiency and insight or a greater reach: there is always a module that suits what you have in mind.