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A conversational story

About us

We’re Saysimple — the Messaging Platform Pioneer — and we’re on a mission to change customer service centers into commercial profit centers. We’re turning social messaging channels that are used for personal communication into powerful communication channels for any kind of business, providing conversational excellence with unrivaled ease.


Now’s your chance

The popularity of social messaging is creating lots of opportunities. The mix of fragmented social messaging channels, which rapidly changes, is determined by the customer. Therefore it’s hard for businesses to take advantage of them — this creates a fear of missing out. That’s why we’ve designed our  Messaging Automation platform so we can always adopt the latest trends and technologies.


Our mission

We founded Saysimple with a clear mission — conversational excellence through the channels of our customers’ choice. Our trademark: “leveraging the power of messaging”, for customer engagement and conversational excellence.


Our clients

We collaborate with a variety of international brands including Transavia Airlines, Danone, Nutricia, Bank Santander, Philips, Picnic and Daikin. Saysimple is part of Just Internet Tech Venture Group and headquartered in Haarlem, Amsterdam Area, The Netherlands. You’re always welcome to come by for a cup of coffee!

Meet our people.

Remco Vriesema
Madelon van Gurp
Managing Director

Join our mission.

Looking for a career where you can do exciting work, take full ownership of your role and learn every day? SaySimple is part of the Just Internet Group. Apply now!

Our Vision

A unique insight

Remco Vriesema founded SaySimple in 2014 from a unique insight — consumers were using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to talk, while businesses still preferred communicating over phone, email or fax. These new social messaging channels offered a unique, personalized solution for customer service departments and other business communications. But with these channels becoming increasingly mainstream and fragmented, it was hard to integrate all of them in a single product, leaving their full potential unused.

This mismatch led Remco and his team of MarTech experts to envision conversational excellence for social messaging and beyond — enabling truly personalized conversations that follow the customer throughout their favorite channels. Our vision of conversational excellence was born, and the team started building a platform to turn it into reality.


Facing the future

With over 5 years of experience in Social Messaging, we’ve created a future-proof vision for SaySimple. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), chatbots and the blockchain are bound to influence conversations between consumers and businesses soon. While it’s still early days for some of these technologies, others will be ready to deploy in the near future — that’s why we’ve designed SaySimple to be modular, scalable and easily upgradeable with new features.

At SaySimple, we’re defining what’s possible with AI, ML and chatbots. We’re always experimenting with these new technologies in our tech lab, trying to implement them into our products as soon as possible.

We’re convinced that these new technologies will have a large impact on conversational excellence — but we also think it’s important to keep an eye on other developments. In order to always be able to offer the best product, we’re constantly on the lookout for new trends in social messaging.

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