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Digital customer communication for car dealerships

Saysimple helps car dealerships stay competitive in a saturated market while building strong customer relationships, drive Aftersales revenue, streamline car service operations, and improve customer support with an easy-to-use platform for customer communication.

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We offer solutions for:

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    Engage customers with outbound marketing campaigns on WhatsApp. Get your customers excited about upcoming models, used car deals, and new catalogues, and connect them with your sales department to convert more leads.

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    Support your customers via Messaging channels like WhatsApp. Use call deflection to reduce your inbound calls and use smart routing to route incoming conversations to the right team or location.

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    Plan service appointments in your planning tool, proactively notify your customer base about their upcoming appointments, get fast approvals on additional work, and send notifications when the car is ready for pick up.

Generate leads with WhatsApp click to chat

Generate more leads with WhatsApp for car dealers

By adding a WhatsApp button to each vehicle’s details page, you make it easy for mobile shoppers to contact you about a particular car model. The result? Higher conversions and more leads!

Proactive whatsapp message

Engage with outbound WhatsApp messages

Create and schedule outbound marketing campaigns to proactively send relevant and timely WhatsApp messages. Increase engagement and awareness with product launches, promotions, special greetings and more.

call deflection

Reduce telephone traffic with Call deflection

WhatsApp can also help you reduce your phone traffic. Give car owners and/or (potential) buyers to get in touch via WhatsApp using call deflection.

Send service & pick up reminders

You can proactively use WhatsApp templates for:

  • Service appointment reminders
  • Additional work updates and agreements
  • Tire change updates
  • Ready for Pick Up notifications

Send and receive mobile payments

Enable your team to collect payment before the customer even arrives to pick up their car! Within our platform, you can create invoices and request payments that include DMS data. Advisors create and send the payment request at the click of a button then the customer views the invoice and pays via a link directly within WhatsApp.

WhatsApp customer journey guide

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Ultimate guide to WhatsApp Business

In this exclusive ebook, we give car dealers more insights on how to use WhatsApp Business effectively within every step of the customer journey.

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Why Saysimple?

Saysimple is revolutionizing the way companies interact with their customers. Our Customer Communications platform provides customer contact and marketing professionals with the technology they need to manage inbound and outbound customer conversations.

  • Streamline all your channels in one inbox and work simultaneously with all your colleagues on incoming conversations via WhatsApp, Livechat, e-mail, and more.
  • Our platform connects with third party software, like CRM, DMS, planning tools, payment providers, survey tooling, and chat bots.
  • Our solution is GDPR compliant. All personal data stored in the Saysimple platform is encrypted. Connections to and from our platform are secured and adhere to strict privacy regulations.

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