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Digital customer communication for Travel & Leisure brands

At Saysimple we help travel and hospitality brands to engage with travellers before, during and after their trip with sales promotions, travel alerts, crisis communication, and customer service via Messaging apps.

Travel & Leisure industry solution
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Exceed travellers’ expectations with our easy to use platform for customer communication

Brands in the travel and hospitality industry have to deal with customers in extremely high-stress and time-sensitive situations. The stakes here high: when a customer misses their flight or needs a last-minute hotel room, they can’t wait hours or days for help. So your business has to facilitate an experience that is fast and efficient. Customer communication via WhatsApp can help your brand solve urgent issues and help you proactively communicate the right info, at the right time.

Messaging channels

Connect with travellers on every channel

Communicate quickly and efficiently with travellers on their preferred channels and communicate within every step of the customer journey. Increase travel bookings, provide info during the trip (boarding passes, flight alerts), and increase brand loyalty after the trip.

Notify and engage customers

Send relevant and timely updates via WhatsApp, such as boarding passes, flight delays, lost luggage information, gate changes, welcome messages, and early check-in notifications.

Support customers

Reply to inquiries faster by integrating the WhatsApp Business API into your contact centre. Provide travel information more easily such as re-booked flights and offer updated travel arrangements, new hotel reservations, provide early check-in, and more.

Enable digital concierge services

Integrate a third-party chat bot and enable a digital concierge to handle inquiries faster, exceed customer expectations, and control the traveller satisfaction more consistently. Ultimately increasing positive reviews, loyalty, and revenue.

WhatsApp customer journey guide


Ultimate guide
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In this exclusive ebook, we give Travel brands more insights on how they can effectively use WhatsApp within every step of the customer journey.

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Why Saysimple?

Saysimple is revolutionizing the way companies interact with their customers. Our Customer Communications platform provides customer contact and marketing professionals with the technology they need to manage inbound- and outbound customer conversations.

  • Streamline all your channels in one inbox and work simultaneously with all your colleagues on incoming conversations via WhatsApp, Livechat, e-mail, and more.
  • We connect with third party software, like CRM, planning tools, payment providers, survey tooling and chat bots.
  • Our solution is GDPR compliant. All personal data stored in the Saysimple platform is encrypted. Connections to and from our platform are secured and adhere to strict privacy regulations.

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