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Features that benefit you

With the Intelligence Module you have everything you need to have better conversations with your customers, in a way that suits you. Powerful features allow you to work efficiently and clearly, without having to search for the manual.


    See how you are performing at any given moment.


    Add your own KPIs to your overview.


    Learn from your team members by viewing team stats


    Automatically analyse conversations on content and sentiment


    Customize your Intelligence Module as you like it.

Aptly adjust

Actionable insights

Thanks to advanced conversation metrics, you have a continuous and real-time insight on how you are performing. Adding you own KPIs allows you to adjust on whatever target you set, such as productivity, handling time and peak volumes.

Learn from AI

Analyse every conversation

Smart AI analyses conversations at the moment you are having them. This is fully automatic, so you can focus on having the actual conversation. The Intelligence Module provides you with useful insights such as conversation topics or customer sentiment.

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