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Messaging Intelligence Module

A bird's eye-view all on customer service efforts.

  • Actionable insights

    To enhance productivity, optimize planning and boost workforce management.

  • Smart functions

    Such as advanced voice-of-the-customer recognition using AI based topic modelling for hyper-personalization.

  • Snazzy features

    Real-time insights and performance tracking of automated journey’s.

All the insights you'll ever need.

This module puts you in the driver’s seat of your brand’s customer journey. Optimize overall productivity, seat planning and workforce management to the max.

What's in the magic box?

  • Standalone online dashboard (SaaS)
  • Dedicated users with different permissions
  • Dedicated URL at SaySimple
  • SSL encryption
  • Real-time performance
  • Drag-and-drop priority list
  • Custom time range comparison
  • Custom channel filter comparison
  • Notifications and alerts

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