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Boost your marketing campaigns with WhatsApp Broadcasting

Want more social media engagement and higher open rates than email? Get more out of your marketing campaigns with Saysimple’s Engage module for WhatsApp Broadcasting.

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Meet Saysimple Engage

With Engage, you send WhatsApp Broadcast messages in bulk to reach your audience. A new way to personalise your communication.

  • Manage and segment contact lists

    Import contacts via the Import function or simply link Saysimple to your CRM.

  • Create broadcast messages in no time

    Set up and send a broadcast message via WhatsApp in just five steps.

  • Manage incoming responses efficiently

    Use smart routing to send campaign responses to the right department and agent.


Send bulk WhatsApp messages

Engage your customers, leads, and/or prospects in just one click. Send bulk newsletters, event updates, flash sales, product launches, and more!


Make your WhatsApp messages personal and relevant

Use variables to personalise WhatsApp broadcast messages. You can manage variables in Saysimple or link Saysimple to your CRM to retrieve external data to make every message relevant.


Segment your mailing lists

Import contacts and create segmented lists for WhatsApp Broadcasting. Add your contacts’ phone numbers and other important information to Saysimple and start your WhatsApp marketing campaign.


Automatic response management

Tag responses to your marketing campaign automatically so you can always trace the origin of the message. Tags will automatically sort your campaign responses and send them to the right department without any manual extra work. Tags can also help you measure message engagement.

whatsapp broadcast analytics

Analyse your result

Gain direct insight into delivery and open rates. Measure the effect of your WhatsApp campaign. Compare the results with other marketing channels and determine whether WhatsApp Broadcasting has an added value for you!

Want to learn more about WhatsApp Broadcasting?

Book a free 30-minute demo at your earliest convenience.

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