WhatsApp Business API integration: book a demo

For medium and large businesses, Saysimple powers your organisation to use WhatsApp Business API for simple, secure and reliable customer communication at scale.

WhatsApp Business Team inbox

Looking for a WhatsApp Business API integration? At Saysimple we offer a powerful solution to communicate with customer on WhatsApp.

  • Manage WhatsApp, alongside other channels from one unified inbox
  • Create teams and work simultaneously with all your colleagues on incoming conversations
  • Create workflows to automatically route incoming conversations to the right agent or establishment
  • Proactively send relevant and timely WhatsApp notifications to customers at scale

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WhatsApp Business API powers your communication with customers

Facilitate seamless customer experiences between your brand and your customers on WhatsApp. Integrate WhatsApp Business API with Saysimple, a solution perfect for medium to large organisations! Ready to learn more? Book your free demo today!

WhatsApp template for ecommerce post-purchase notifications
WhatsApp message templates

Send notifications on WhatsApp API

Automate your service process with reusable message templates for outbound notifications on WhatsApp: from order confirmations and appointment reminders to shipping updates and feedback surveys.

WhatsApp for Business team inbox

Manage WhatsApp with Multiple Users

Streamline your WhatsApp messages in a centralized and future-proof way. Collaborate with your team, distribute the work load, easily track conversations with your customers and start leveraging 1-on-1 and proactive customer service experiences on your customers’ channels-of-choice.

Smart routing and Intelligent workflows

Add WhatsApp automation to your inbox

Skip manual assignments of incoming WhatsApp messages, set rules to automatically add labels and route incoming conversations to the right agent, team or location.

  • Auto Assign Agents
  • Auto Assign Teams
  • Auto Assign Labels

Start using WhatsApp Business API

500+ brands already use Saysimple to improve omni-channel customer communication at scale.

  • Shared team inbox

    Work simultaneously with all your colleagues on incoming conversations via WhatsApp, Livechat, e-mail, and more.

  • Apps & Integrations

    We connect with third party software, like CRM, planning tools, payment providers, survey tooling and chatbots.

  • GDPR proof

    GDPR compliant

    All personal data stored is encrypted. Connections to and from our platform are secured and adhere to strict privacy regulations.

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