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Communicate with customers via WhatsApp Business

Quickly and efficiently answer incoming customer inquiries via WhatsApp with Saysimple’s multichannel team inbox. Request a free demo and we will show you how our platform works in 30 minutes.

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WhatsApp Business features

With the WhatsApp Business API, your business gains access to the following basic functionalities:

  • whatsapp business api

    API integration

    Easily connect WhatsApp Business with your existing systems.

  • WhatsApp business- vast of mobiel nummer

    Bring Your Own Number

    Link an existing landline or mobile number to your WhatsApp Business account.

  • whatsapp business account

    End-to-end encryption

    The WhatsApp Business API is GDPR compliant and secured with end-to-end encryption.

Manage WhatsApp conversations with
multiple users

Manage all incoming customer inquiries via WhatsApp Business from one dashboard. Divide the workload by turning phone traffic into WhatsApp conversations and routing customer inquiries to the right team.

Use WhatsApp Business for

WhatsApp for Business is used in daily practice for:

  • Whatsapp for customer service: Engage with customers anytime, anywhere and exceed their expectations.
  • Alerts: Updates, ticket changes or appointment reminders can be shared automatically.
  • Notifications: Send service-oriented reminders about deliveries, orders and appointments.
  • Two Factor Authentication: Secure customer accounts and help customers verify their identity for important transactions.
WhatsApp Business playbook

Free download

WhatsApp Business playbook

In this exclusive playbook we provide your organisation with a hands-on guide on how to improve customer communications with our WhatsApp Business Solution.

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Send notifications with WhatsApp templates

WhatsApp templates are standard messages approved by WhatsApp and used for sending proactive notifications to provide additional service to your customers. Think of text templates, media templates and interactive quick reply button templates. Consumers respond within the same channel, creating continuous conversations.

More about WhatsApp templates >

WhatsApp Business chat widget

Add a WhatsApp chat window to your website

With a WhatsApp chat window, website visitors can reach you via WhatsApp. This way you can easily answer all questions and help visitors make a purchase.

Start in 3 steps with WhatsApp for Business

Saysimple helps you from onboarding to implementation.

  • Verify WhatsApp Business

    Together with one of our consultants you'll go through the WhatsApp Business verification process.

  • Configuration

    When the verification process has been approved, your WhatsApp Business account will be linked to your Saysimple Multichannel Inbox.

  • Kick-off

    Get a platform training as soon as you start with WhatsApp Business. Receive information you need for excellent customer contact.

Get started with WhatsApp Business

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