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Multi-tasking with WeChat Business

Ordering food, checking-in for flights, shopping online, and paying with WeChat Pay are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with WeChat. Due to its popularity, more and more companies are building apps within the WeChat platform. WeChat has it all: messaging, mobile payments, and more in just one app!

WeChat Business means possibilities

Create a strong service channel with the features available on this mega app! WeChat can be used for:

  • Customer Service

    Respond to chats with automated messages from within the WeChat app.

  • Product Demos

    Show your customers the ins and outs of your products and/or services with text, photos, and videos.

  • E-commerce

    Make sales directly from your store within the WeChat app.

  • News and updates

    Share business news and updates on WeChat’s Facebook-style newsfeed.

  • Promotion and advertisement

    Promote your products and/or generate more traffic using WeChat ads.

  • Sharing articles

    Share media articles within WeChat’s media portal.

WeChat Business: Subscription versus Service accounts

Get noticed on WeChat with one of two types of accounts. Influencers and (media) organisations who share content tend to use Subscription accounts, for which users have to subscribe in order to see new content in their subscriptions feed. For organisations who provide (customer) service, a Service account is the way to go! Digital conversations come easy with this type of account because your push notifications appear at the top of the WeChat chats list.

WeChat’s mini-programs

Create a mini-program for your company within the WeChat app! Think of it as your app but with the added value of functioning within the WeChat environment. WeChat mini-programs are so much more than just messaging!

QR codes: scan it, show it

You can use QR codes for your business when you have an official WeChat account. These specialised barcodes – for products or connecting with other WeChat users – can be scanned offline and are linked to actions with the WeChat app.

Wechat pay

Secure payments with WeChat Pay

Use WeChat Pay to receive secure payments from your customers in not only China, but also South Africa, Italy, Malaysia, Japan, and the UK. This gives your customers the ease of chatting, shopping, and making payments in a single app from wherever they are in the world!

Saysimple’s Messaging platform: one unified inbox for all channels

Be where your customers are using the Saysimple Messaging Dashboard which can integrate WeChat, Apple Business Chat, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter! Use the Messaging Dashboard to optimize your customer experience: Create customer profiles in your CRM, minimise call queues with call deflection, send automatic and quick replies using chatbots and out-of-office messages! Everything you need in one unified inbox!

Get started with WeChat Business today

Over 1 billion users use the multifaceted WeChat app on a daily basis. Be where your customers are with the Saysimple Multichannel inbox WeChat integration!