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Enrich your customer support with Webchat

Generate more leads & support customers

Adding web chat to your website has become an indispensable channel for generating leads and supporting existing customers on your website. Every online company that wants to support its customers and provide them with a unique customer experience must embrace web chat for mobile apps and websites.

Use the power of web messaging

Websites that are equipped with chat functionality are not only better at generating leads and offering real-time support to your website visitors, they are also ahead of the competition. With web chat you offer a personalized customer experience and better interaction with your brand. Enable interactive messaging experiences with the help of links, buttons, quick answers, post backs and carousels.

Web chat is a modern, continuous and context-driven way to proactively approach leads and existing customers and generate more revenue from real-time support conversations.


Conversational AI

Involve visitors before they leave and qualify leads with Bots

With web chat you get more insight into the user behaviour of your website visitors. Make proactive contact with visitors who drop out or who are about to make a purchase. By adding chatbots, you can use web chat to quickly answer frequently asked questions, enrich customer profiles, qualify leads and upload them automatically to your CRM system.


Sell smarter through hyper-personalization

With the events timeline, user information and social profiles you know exactly who you are talking to and you get more insight into what their needs and preferences are. Get extra information from external tools for conversations that are supported by data and start hyper-personalizing your web chat conversations.

Support and surprise customers in real-time

Start the conversation with your customers before it’s too late. Use campaigns to attract and inform new users, or to retain customers and encourage repeat purchases. Send notifications, receive feedback and easily measure the customer satisfaction of your online brand


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