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Saysimple Careers

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Why work at Saysimple?

These are exciting times. Our young, ambitious close-knit team is looking to establish our positioning, build our brand and expand into Europe. It’s going to be a challenge, but we’ll provide you with everything you need to succeed, including a new laptop, phone, home office, plenty of holidays, a collective pension scheme and more. If you’ve got the initiative and the right attitude, let’s achieve great things together.

We value

  • Curious


    We are always searching for new approaches, new solutions and we see boundaries as challenges.

  • Collaborative


    We trust each other, empower each other and support each other, at all times.

  • Dynamic


    Act with energy, move with purpose and keep a spring in your step.

Madelon van Gurp

Saysimple’s magic touch is that everyone is part of a warm family.

Madelon van Gurp Managing Director

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