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Messaging for Sales

Messaging provides companies with extra contact moments that you can roughly divide into service, marketing and sales related messages. Without the customer actually visiting your website you can reach customers and help answer questions, complete their order or make a personal offer based on the wishes and needs of your customers. Download for more information our free Ultimate Guide.

Generate sales

Generate more conversions

Lead your customer through the Customer Journey of the buyer – from the first touch to the payment of his order and all this within an asynchronous messaging conversation. Automatically adjust the displayed products to maximize the sales potential

Conversational AI

Adding bots to the mix

The growth of social messaging has opened doors for the development of chatbots. Smart organization of “handover” between chatbots and customer service employees ensures optimum response times and maximum chances of “first time fixes”. This ultimate interaction between man and machine increases the customer satisfaction score and ensures that you have more time for valuable customer interactions.

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