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Messaging for Marketing

Messaging provides companies with extra contact moments that you can roughly divide into service, marketing and sales related messages. Without the customer actually visiting your website you can reach customers and help answer questions, complete their order or make a personal offer based on the wishes and needs of your customers.

Generate more leads

Fill up your marketing funnel, increase sales conversions and lower operating costs while maximizing customer satisfaction. SaySimple helps companies maximize their profits during every step of the customer journey.

Give consumers the opportunity to message your brand directly from your digital advertisements, customer contact channels, Facebook page, website, company profile and mobile app. Every marketer wants to come into contact with potential customers via digital technologies and at the same time provide them with a personalized experience. Social Messaging Automation makes this possible and has proven to significantly increase lead generation compared to traditional and non-conversational digital technologies.

Marketing teams use social messaging for:

  • Getting in direct contact with- and qualification of potential buyers, instead of having a form filled out.
  • Sending special promotions and offers via social messaging channels with an open rate of over 90%.
  • Scheduling meetings and appointments directly within a rich messaging conversation

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