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Use the power of Social Messaging for Hyper-Personalization

The rise of Social Messaging offers companies the possibility of more personal contact with today’s customers; someone who expects a quick answer to urgent questions via the communication channel of their own choice. Consumers have a large network and are generally well informed, so why should they not set the same conditions for brands? Adding social messaging to customer service opens the door to personal contact and optimal service.

Hyper personalization

Social Messaging makes it possible for companies to renew and boost customer interactions. Intelligent automation technologies and linking customer data for hyper-personalization can create a seamless customer experience. Customer service agents are easily provided with important tools to become the perfect partner in a stable and long-term customer relationship.


A perfect Customer Service Circle

When the customer experience is experienced as pleasant, then a one-off response from a customer can turn into a conversation. A good conversation can so become an excellent conversation. By continuing being involved with customers, a company is ultimately seen as a trusted advisor and source of information. A ‘go-to-friend’ for advice, products, services and the latest trends.

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