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Leveraging the power of messaging for a personalized shopping experience

To be successful within the E-Commerce sector, companies must find the right mix between data, technology, channels and human interaction to offer the right customer experience and to be relevant throughout the customer journey. Personal contact and the provision of an excellent service via the preferred channels of the online consumer plays an important role. Download for more information our free Ultimate Guide.

Conversational commerce: the new era for e-commerce brands

Conversational commerce is about the interaction between people and companies via interfaces of messaging apps, such as WhatsApp. No jumble of search functions, dropdowns or other windows: simply a conversation between customer and webshop. And in the future also between customer and artificial intelligence.

This type of e-commerce responds to growing consumer needs: the requirement to no longer be surrendered to the conditions of a company, and the wish that the company conforms to the preferences of the customer. As a result, conversational commerce ultimately delivers a more seamless, convenient and personalized experience on the consumer’s preferred channel.

Social Messaging example

Omnichannel Engagement

As a retailer you know better than anyone how important it is to properly support your customers. After all, retaining your existing customers is cheaper than attracting new customers.

By implementing an omnichannel customer engagement strategy you increase the chance to retain more customers and you create more up-sell and cross-sell possibilities. In addition, customers are less loyal nowadays, and 82% of customers switch because of a poor customer experience.

In-app payments

The one stop shop takes the E-commerce industry to a higher level, making it even easier for companies to attract customers and make purchases.

Instead of clicking around on many different websites and going in and out of apps, companies try to build their business using messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. They want customers to be able to arrange everything from one place, such as placing orders, making payments and moreover it is ideal to inform the customer about delivery updates or sending order confirmations.

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