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The increased expectations of consumers in 2020

In today’s world, companies are challenged to rethink the way they engage with their customers. The expectations of the customer has changed, consumers expect 24/7 availability of communication channels at any time during the customer journey. They prefer to communicate with companies at their own pace, because convenience plays a major role in the life of the always-on consumer. Convenience is the new loyalty, today’s consumers will therefore easily switch brands if you are unable to provide a seamless customer experience. Download our free Ultimate Guide for more information.

Social messaging is rolling out the red carpet for customer contact

Messaging provides companies with extra contact moments that you can divide into service, marketing and sales-related messages. You make personal and accessible contact possible, which greatly benefits your customer satisfaction. The conversation remains central, but in a context with much more experience and ease of use. By using messaging channels you can create more touch points and you can give your sales a boost by anticipating on micro moments in the customer journey.

Use the power of social messaging

People around the world are moving away from traditional communication methods and are increasingly relying on messaging apps to communicate with their friends and family. This has led to customers wanting to communicate with brands via the same convenient channels.

Let customers communicate with your company via their favourite messaging apps. By adding social messaging channels to your customer service you double customer satisfaction and reduce costs

  • Get more customer knowledge for an optimal customer journey
  • Increase customer loyalty by hyper-personalization
  • Improve your response time for higher customer satisfaction

Boost Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Have authentic conversations with your customers on a channel that is natural and convenient for them to use. Customers who communicate with companies through messaging apps experience higher customer satisfaction, remain loyal and generate more revenue.