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The world's first airline to use WhatsApp.


Transavia is constantly looking for ways to improve their customer experience. When social media saw an upsurge in the 2000s, they decided it was time to take the next step. How can customers be served in the most personal and effective way? They turned to SaySimple’s Messaging Dashboard Module.

We helped Transavia roll out WhatsApp as a pilot on a small scale, to build knowledge sequentially. Once they issued a press release and people started taking an interest in their new messaging channel, the news broke headlines. They became the first airline worldwide to offer WhatsApp as a social messaging channel.

Fast forward to today, and WhatsApp is the primary customer service channel for Transavia. By being an early adopter they have a cutting edge advantage in terms of competitive differentiation.

How does Transavia use WhatsApp?

Transavia uses WhatsApp for web care and other related activities, besides Facebook and Twitter. Over 9 million Dutch people use WhatsApp, from young teens to senior citizens. Travelers experience communication via WhatsApp as personal, fast and effective. That’s why it’s the perfect channel to facilitate Transavia’s customer contact.

Due to the immediacy of WhatsApp as a channel, customers feel more inclined to ask practical things like: “What is the maximum baggage weight for an international flight?”. WhatsApp offers a quick fix for questions they don’t feel like Googling, but need an answer to.

The Transavia web care teams also use WhatsApp to test new products and communication efforts. Their daily support roster, for example, is now also available via WhatsApp and crew members can even send in photos for Transavia’s Instagram channel.

Want to know more? Read our interview with Jerry Downing to learn more about this case.

Transavia, part of the Air France-KLM group, is a Dutch low-cost airline and market leader in holiday air travel in the Netherlands.

Facts and figures

Average increase of 20.000 web care chats per month

30% sales boost

20% shift from telephony to WhatsApp

70% of all chats end with “Thanks Transavia

80.000 euros in media coverage value

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