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Anderzorg is a Dutch healthcare provider that assures basic insurance costs at he lowest price. Anderzorg has made agreements with care providers close to people’s homes about the quality, speed, service, and price of the care provided. They have been offering one of the lowest premiums in the Netherlands for the past nine years. Freedom of choice is one of their brand pillars, which is why they connected with SaySimple to add WhatsApp as a service channel.

Anderzorg has a heart for people and their wellbeing. To stay ahead of the curve and look at the future needs of customers, they decided to embrace WhatsApp. We helped them develop a three-month  pilot to gain insights about customer response, employee friendliness, and overall dialogues. This learning phase displayed an increase in positive emotions and led to a better understanding of WhatsApp’s potential for Anderzorg.

  • 34+ Net Promoter Score

How does Anderzorg use WhatsApp?

Anderzorg strives to reply to all WhatsApp messages withing 30 minutes. Thet apply social messaging to answer questions about compensations, dental care, emergency care, insurance deductibles and more. Their automated disclaimers informs customers about privacy-sensitive information to guarantee the safety of their data. Anderzorg continues to use SaySimple’s products for insights, automation and the improvement of their customer service department.

Anderzorg is a Dutch healthcare provider that assures basic insurance costs at he lowest price.

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34+ Net Promoter Score

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