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What you can do with Apple Business Chat

For example, consider options such as:

  • Choice lists for product carousels

    Let your customers choose from a variety of products and services that you offer. By selecting the option(s) they are interested in, they see only the information they are looking for.

  • Apple Business Chat date & time picker

    Your customers can choose the most convenient time to schedule an appointment or delivery using the date and time picker. With calendar integration, both you and the customer to see potential time conflicts. Scheduling made easy!

  • Apple Pay integration

    A seamless customer journey, from advice to purchase, without having to leave iMessage is possible with Apple Pay, Apple’s international payment method.

Connecting B2B & B2C

Apple Business Chat makes it easy to engage with customers via Apple Maps, Siri, iOS Search, your website, or within your app. Customers are spending most of their time online these days, so that’s where companies need to be available 24/7. Thanks to Apple Business Chat features, customer service can be fully personalized. Join the messaging revolution!

from service to sales

Do more with an Apple Business Chat account

With Apple Business chat you can do more than just answer FAQs. Turn customer questions into sales opportunities all in the same chat window thanks to Apple Pay, a fully secure payment method. Sending payment links within a conversation eliminates the need for switching between windows, for both you and your customer!

apple business chat
schedule appointments without a hitch

Easy scheduling

Apple Business Chat ensures that customers can chat, make purchases, and schedule appointments without a hitch. Customers don’t have to think twice with iCal integration, allowing them to see their agenda and plan appointments and deliveries accordingly. It’s never been easier to arrange a date, time, and place!

Get started with Apple Business Chat

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